Celebrity and Past Life AstroTwin : Editorial Usage, Right of Publicity & Privacy, and Image Licenses

We have outlined below what guidelines we followed for collecting AstroTwin data, including Name, Photo, Short biography and Sun, Moon and Rising Combinations.

All AstroTwins were reverse engineered from a database in France : www.Astrotheme.com. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this database.

Notable Figures used as AstroTwins (Celebrity or Past Life) should not be construed as endorsement of The Ratio or its products. 

If you are a photographer and believe your photograph has been mislicensed or misattributed, please contact us at Legal@TheRatio.Space.

If you are a notable figure, or elsewise own rights to an estate and believe your likeness has been used without domain, please contact us at Legal@TheRatio.Space. 

Conversely, if you are a notable figure, or elsewise own rights to a notable figure’s estate and would like to be included as a Celebrity AstroTwin, please contact us. Contact@TheRatio.Space. We would need your date, time and place of birth.  

Celebrity AstroTwin Editorial Usage

We publish these Celebrity AstroTwins to be shared on social media with the belief that they fall under “Editorial Usage”. At the appropriate benchmark, we will promote sales of our Astrology Subscription Newsletter within the AstroTwin pathway. However, newsletter subscription advertisements are made prior to the reveal of the user’s specific AstroTwin. As a result, we believe that no specific Celebrity can say we are using their specific brand to sell The Ratio Paid Newsletter Subscriptions (it’s the Celebrity AstroTwin concept at large (The Ratio IP) which is of commercial value). 

Additionally, given the time put into curating the AstroTwins, there is significant argument for artistic usage of freely available information garnered from the internet. Again, if you disagree we are happy to remove you from the set of Celebrity AstroTwins with a replacement.

Past Life AstroTwin NFTs Rights of Publicity and Rights of Privacy

Past Life AstroTwins NFTs are for sale pursuant clearance of extant Right to Publicity and Right to Privacy laws, in the state or country of legal tax residence of the deceased.

AstroTwin Images

All photographs (Celebrity or Past Life NFT) were curated with the following guidelines: First, Public Domain if such an image existed. Second, Creative Commons license of the following categories: Creative Commons, Creative Commons Attribution, and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. 

Share-Alike photos have not been altered, and all photographs include attribution whether in Public Domain or under Creative Commons license.

Again, if we have made an error about a photo’s license or attribution (or if the license has changed) please let us know and we will adjust at Legal@TheRatio.Space.

Past Life AstroTwin NFTsFor further information on Past Life AstroTwin NFT’s please read our NFT Terms of Sale.