The Ratio does Data Science & AI on Astrology, a radical new project to evolve astrology to the next level.

The Ratio uses big data, machine learning, and AI to study statistical significance of astrological assertions.

Humans have always studied the stars. Astrology is the oldest data science on earth and led to the development of mathematics in every society, on every continent. To go back now to this ancient art which gave us so much? We owe it to ourselves, to humanity.

Our goal is a dataset of 50 MN people. This level of data will the first time in human history that statistically significant analysis can be completed on astrology.

It is time to study astrology with the latest in human technologies.

We can discover

One astrological assertion is that Cancers are related to the home. Do Cancers actually have a higher statistical significance of owning a home, or living in the same home for a longer period of time, or owning multiple homes, or of getting married, or of having children?
We can verify the numbers on astrology. We can learn if any astrological assertion has statistical significance. It is humanly possible. However, we need an extremely large dataset.

For you, just you

Get your free AstroTwin and have fun with it! Download your video and share your AstroTwin and The Ratio’s mission with your friends. Share your video on Social Media, in text message – anything you want. Your video is free and downloads directly to your phone or computer.

Yes, The Ratio hand-curated 1,728 AstroTwins to get you to donate your data to science. But! Read our cutting edge privacy policy : we do not sell personal data. We are looking only for the best information about astrology in aggregate – not about you personally. All data is stored by a unique numeric ID – not your name or personal information. And we have a commitment not to use our site for 3rd party advertisements or sell any personal data to 3rd parties in the future.

Who are we?

The Ratio is led by female founder Katy Bohinc who is an award-winning marketing data scientist for Fortune 500 companies. She is also a professional artist, poet and astrologer. You can read more about her here.

Our findings are reviewed by an advisory board of expert astrologers, quantum physicists, cognitive scientists and data scientists. This is not “silly science”. Our aesthetic may be charmingly quirky (and hopefully beautiful in its own way) but the science is as serious as anything.

Story of AstroTwins

Do you love or hate your AstroTwin? These contemporary and historical badasses were hand-curated with a definite level of farce and humor. Astrology represents all of humanity. We need data from all types of people to get the best dataset. We cannot discriminate on any predisposed disbeliefs. From this lens, Serial Killers (less than 1% of AstroTwins) are equally relevant to study as Catholic Saints (also less than 1% of AstroTwins). There are many business people, athletes, musicians, dancers, writers, architects, directors, presidents, royalty, spiritualists and more in between.

Justification (Do we need to justify this project?)

All the big companies use data analytics to make decisions every day. There is no reason not to apply these same methodologies to studying Astrology. We do not believe we will be the last; we believe we will be the first — and in the future (a long future) humans will continue to explore astrology through the latest science towards a future of infinite discovery.
A rebirth is happening in our understanding of our relationship to the heavens.
Be a part of history. We want to know as much as you do.

Join us

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We also have digital collectibles (NFTs) to commemorate this moment in history. Our digital collectibles are exclusive, singular and eternal. In the tradition of true art, our digital collectibles are a limited supply, one-time-only, and hand-curated (the old fashioned way).

As above so below, be the first to know

We look forward to sharing ground-breaking, revolutionary, historical astrology analytics and insights with you.

Results will be published in short on social media and at length in a forthcoming paid newsletter.
All best and most sincerely, Katy Bohinc, Founder / CEO of The Ratio
(p.s. my AstroTwin is Dorothy Day, Activist Reformer of the Catholic Church)

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