Georges Bataille

French philosopher & intellectual born in 1897. Influential figure of poststructuralism.

Robert A. Taft

American politician, lawyer, senator, & scion of the Republican Party’s Taft family, born in 1889.

Samuel Johnson

English writer, critic, editor, & lexicographer born in 1709. Considered greatest critic of English literature.

Johann Von Goethe

German writer & statesman considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era.

Mabel Collins

English writer of occult novels, fashion writer, theosophist, & anti-vivisection activist born in 1851.

Charlie Parker

American jazz saxophonist, composer, subculture icon, & leader in the development of bebop.

Carl Bosch

German chemist, engineer, & Nobel Laureate born in 1874. Pioneer in high-pressure industrial chemistry.