Pierre Mendès France

French politician born in 1907. President of the Council of Ministers representing the Radical Party.

August Belmont

German American politician, financier, diplomat, & horse breeder. The Belmont Stakes is his namesake.

Aga Khan III

48th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili sect of Islam born in 1877. Founder & president of the All-India Muslim League.

Baroness Jennie Lee

Scottish politician born in 1904. Served as Labour Member of Parliament & Minister of the Arts.

Louis Riel

Canadian politician, founder of Manitoba province, & political leader of the Métis people, born in 1844.

Ulysses Guimaraes

Brazilian politician & lawyer born in 1916. He played an important part in resisting military dictatorship in Brazil.

Alfred Naquet

French chemist, politician, & secretary of the commission of national defense of France, born in 1834.

Ruth Bryan Owen

American politician born in 1885. Congresswoman & first woman appointed as a U.S. Ambassador.