Benedict Arnold

American military officer best known for his defection to the English side of the Revolutionary War.

Kim Philby

English intelligence officer & double agent for the Soviet Union during WW II. Member of the Cambridge Five.

George Blake

English spy who became a double agent for the Soviet Union after being a prisoner during the Korean War.

Mata Hari

Dutch exotic dancer & courtesan convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I.

Marita Lorenz

German anti-Cuban activist who had affair with Castro & participated in assassination attempt on him.

Joan Pujol García

Spanish spy loyal to England & double agent who infiltrated the Nazi regime, codename: Garbo.

Odette Sansom

French agent for England’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) in France during WW II.

Ernst Hanfstaengl

German-American businessman, close friend of Adolf Hitler, & ally of Franklin D. Roosevelt born in 1887.

Violette Morris

French athlete & Nazi collaborator born in 1893. Known as “the Hyena of the Gestapo”.