César Baldaccini

French sculptor, born in 1921, at the forefront of the Nouveau Réalisme movement.

Auguste Rodin

French sculptor born in 1840. Considered the founder of modern sculpture.

Hildo Krop

Dutch sculptor & furniture designer born in 1884. Widely known as the city sculptor of Amsterdam.

Henry Moore

English artist born in 1898 & known for semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures.

Eugène Guillaume

French sculptor & prolific writer on sculpture & Classical architecture, born in 1822.

Jean Tinguely

Swiss sculptor best known for his kinetic art sculptural machines in the later part of the 20th century.

Émile Gallé

French artist & designer born in 1846. Considered a major innovator in the French Art Nouveau movement.

Gutzon Borglum

American sculptor born in 1867. Best known for his work on Mount Rushmore.

Louise Bourgeois

French American artist, born in 1911, & known for her large-scale sculpture & installation art.