Joan of Arc

French heroine & Catholic saint who led the French army in a momentous victory at Orléans in 1429.

Edith Stein

German Jewish philosopher who converted to Christianity, born in 1891. Martyr & saint of the Catholic Church.

Francis of Assisi

Italian Catholic friar, deacon, preacher, & saint associated with patronage of animals & nature.

Charles Foucauld

French cavalry officer, geographer, & Catholic priest born in 1858.

Mother Teresa

Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary born in 1910.

St Francis de Sales

Italian bishop & Catholic saint, born in 1567. Known for his deep faith & writings on spiritual direction.

John Henry Newman

English theologian, scholar, & poet born in 1801. First Anglican priest & later a Catholic priest, cardinal, & saint.

Seraphim of Serov

Russian saint born in 1754 & known for extending monastic teachings to the layperson.

Anandamayi Ma

Bengali Saint born in 1896 & known for precognition, faith healing, and miracles.

Catherine Labouré

French nun & Roman Catholic saint born in 1806. Believed to have had visions of the Virgin Mary.