Ashraf Pahlavi

Twin sister of the last Shah of Iran (Persia) & member of the Pahlavi dynasty. Considered the “power behind her brother”.

Louise of Savoy

French noble and regent born in 1476. Politically active & mother of King Francis I.

Crown Prince Rudolf

Austrian royal, born in 1858, who died in a murder-suicide pact with his mistress.

Pricess Isabel

Brazilian princess who acted as the country’s regent in her father’s absence & abolished slavery.

Duke Edmund Tudor

English prince & 6th child of King Henry VII & Elizbeth of York. Born in 1499 & died in 1500.

Princess Louise

Princess of the Two-Sicilies born in 1882. Great grandmother of King Felipe VI of Spain.

Princess Diana

English royal, activist, philanthropist, & style icon born in 1961. She was the known as “The People’s Princess”.

Gayatri Devi

Indian royal, politician, & fashion icon born in 1919. Maharani consort of Jaipur & leader in the Swatantra Party.

Charlotte of Belgium

Wife of Archduke Maximilian of Austria, Archduchess of Austria, & Empress consort of Mexico born in 1840.