Dora Maar

French photographer, painter, & poet known as a figurative painter & one of Picasso’s muses.

Billy Name

American photographer, filmmaker, & lighting designer known for collaborations with Andy Warhol & Shepard Fairy.

Ottorino Respighi

Jewish Hungarian-Italian photographer born in 1899. Helped build imagery used in Fascist propaganda.

Eva Braun

German photographer & longtime companion & wife of Hitler for 30 hours before they suicided together.

Margaret Bourke-White

American photographer born in 1904. First American female war photojournalist & cover of 1st Life magazine.

Eugène Atget

French pioneer of documentary photography born in 1857. Documented Parisian life before modernization.

Lee Miller

American fashion model, photographer, photojournalist, & war correspondent born in 1907.

Robert Doisneau

French photographer born in 1912 & known as a pioneer of photojournalism.