Bô Yin Râ

German spiritual teacher, poet, & painter born in 1876.

Benjamin Creme

Scottish artist, author, esotericist, & editor of Share International magazine.

Meurig Morris

English spiritualist & medium who enjoyed fame in the 1930s for channeling an entity known as “Power”.

Jules Bois

French writer born in 1868. He wrote Le Satanisme et la magie (Satanism and Magic).

A.E. Waite

American-born English poet & scholarly mystic born in 1857. Wrote extensively on occult & esoteric matters.

Aleister Crowley

English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, & founder of the religion Thelema.

Mabel Collins

English writer of occult novels, fashion writer, theosophist, & anti-vivisection activist born in 1851.

Edward Kelley

English Renaissance occultist and self-declared spirit medium born in 1555.

Gerard Croiset

Dutch parapsychologist & psychic who helped police with missing person & murder cases after WW II.