Klaus Barbie

German Nazi known as the “Butcher of Lyon” & responsible for the torture & death of thousands.

Erwin Rommel

German Nazi general & military theorist known for his 1937 book on military tactics Infantry Attacks.

Horst Wessel

German Nazi stormtrooper born in 1907. Made into a martyr for the cause by Joseph Goebbels.

Wilhelm Keitel

German field marshal & war criminal born in 1882. High commander of Nazi Germany’s Armed Forces.

Otto Dietrich

German SS officer, Press Chief of Nazi regime, & confidant to Hitler, born 1897.

Joseph Darnand

French decorated soldier & collaborator with Nazi Germany born in 1897. Executed for treason after the war.

Eduard Dietl

German Nazi general during WW II. Commanded the 20th Mountain Army in northern Norway & Finland.

Hermann Goering

German convicted war criminal as one of the most powerful political & military leaders in the Nazi Party.

Josef Dietrich

German politician and SS commander during the Nazi era, born in 1892.

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink

German Nazi Party member & leader of the National Socialist Women’s League in Nazi, Germany born in 1902.