Isaac Newton

English mathematician & physicist who developed the laws of motion, the theory of gravity, & calculus.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Indian mathematician born in 1887. Without formal training, he made significant contributions to mathematic analysis.

Pierre-Ossian Bonnet

French mathematician born in 1819. Known for advancing the Guass-Bonnet theorem in geometry.

Ada Lovelace

English mathematician & writer, born in 1815, & considered to be one of the first computer programmers.

Evariste Galois

French mathematician & political activist born in 1811. Major influence on abstract algebra while in his teens.

John Pell

English mathematician & political agent abroad, born in 1611. Known for Pells’ equation & Pell number.

William Hamilton

Irish mathematician and astronomer born in 1805. Made contributions to optics and classical mechanics.

Giles de Roberval

French mathematician born in 1602. Known for discovering the “Method of Indivisibles”.

David Hilbert

German mathematician born in 1862. Known as one of the founders of proof theory & mathematical logic.

Alan Turing

English mathematician & computer scientist considered the father of theoretical computer science & AI.