George VI

King of England from 1936 until his death in 1952. Succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles VI of France

King of France born in 1368. Known for his lifelong mental illness & psychotic episodes.

Alfonso XII of Spain

Spanish king who reigned from 1874 to 1885. Known as “the Peacemaker” for his benevolent rule.

Leopold I of Belgium

English-born King of the Belgians (1831-1865). Husband to Princess Charlotte of Whales.

Edward V of England

King of England & Lord of Ireland for two months at the age of 12 until his disappearance & murder.

Gustaf VI Adolf

King of Sweden (1950 – 1973) born in 1882 known for removing the monarchy’s last political powers.

Charles II of Spain

King of the Spanish Empire born in 1661. Known for his physical disabilities & the War of Spanish Succession.

Charles X of France

French royal of the House of Bourbon born in 1757. King of France from 1824-1830.