John C. Giraudo

American Air Force major general born in 1923. Prisoner of war in both WW II and the Korean War.

Rathvon M. Tompkins

American Marine Corps general born in 1912. Known as commander in the Battle of Khe Sanh in Vietnam.

Erich Hoepner

German military general born in 1886. Executed for implication in failed assassination of Hitler.

Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot

French general in Franco-Prussian War. Known for saying: “We are in a chamber pot, & we’re going to be shit on.”.

Bramwell Booth

English charity worker & first Chief of Staff & second General of The Salvation Army born in 1856.

Lattre de Tassigny

French military general born in 1889. Represented France at the German Instrument of Surrender in WW II.

C. de Lamoricière

French military general born in 1806. Played important roles in colonization of Algeria.

Giseppe Garibaldi

Italian general, patriot, & republican born in 1807. Considered one of Italy’s “fathers of the fatherland”.

Józef Antoni Poniatowski

Polish prince, general, minister of war, & Marshal of the French Empire during the Napoleonic Wars.