Heinrich Nordhoff

German engineer born in 1899. Led the Volkswagen company as it was rebuilt after WW II.

Henri Becquerel

French engineer, physicist, scientist, & Nobel laureate who discovered evidence of radioactivity.

Gustave Eiffel

French civil engineer best known for building the Eiffel Tower & helping to build the Statue of Liberty.

Robert Fulton

American engineer & inventor born in 1765. Developed world’s first commercially successful steamboat.

Jack Parsons

American rocket engineer, chemist, & Thelemite occultist born in 1914.

Louis Lumiere

French engineer & industrialist who played a key role in the development of photography & cinema.

Auguste Lumière

French engineer, industrialist, biologist, & illusionist born in 1862. Inventor of the cinematograph.

John Loudon McAdam

Scottish civil engineer & road builder born in 1756. He was the inventor of “macadamisation”.

Ivar Kreuger

Swedish civil engineer, financier, entrepreneur, industrialist, & alleged financial swindler born in 1880.

Karel Bossart

Belgian-American rocket engineer, designer, & creator of the Atlas ICBM born in 1904. Worked for the United States Air Force.