Albert Hofmann

Swiss chemist born in 1906. First person to synthesize, ingest, & learn the psychedelic effects of LSD.

Charles Goodyear

American self-taught chemist & manufacturing engineer born in 1800. Developed vulcanized rubber.

Marc Tiffeneau

French chemist & president of the Société chimique de France born in 1873.

Paul Sabatier

French chemist & 1912 Nobel Prize winner for his work on organic species in the presence of metals.

Alfred Nobel

Swedish chemist, engineer, & inventor born in 1833. He held 355 patents, including dynamite.

Ernest Fourneau

French medicinal chemist born in 1872. Helped discover synthetic local anesthetics.

Carl Bosch

German chemist, engineer, & Nobel Laureate born in 1874. Pioneer in high-pressure industrial chemistry.

Antoine Lavoisier

French nobleman & chemist born in 1743. Central to the 18th-century chemical revolution.

Philippe Barbier

French chemist born in 1848. Winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize for co-creating organomagnesium reagents.

Primo Levi

Italian chemist, partisan, writer, and Jewish Holocaust survivor born in 1919.