French astrologer & physician, born in 1503, & known for his predictions about the future of the world.


Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century born in 1866.

B. V. Raman

Indian astrologer in modern India & author of numerous books and articles, born 1912.

Vivian Robson

English librarian born in 1890 & known for his research & writing on astrology.

Victor Fontan

French astrologer born in 1884. Founder of Collège astrologique de France in Paris.

William Lilly

English astrologer born in 1602. Known as both an “English Merlin” & a “juggling wizard & imposter”.

Evangeline Adams

American astrologer born in 1868. Known as “America’s first astrological superstar”.

Elsbeth Ebertin

German graphic artist, writer, & astrologer who became a well-known astrology publicist after World War I.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

American astrologer & poet who wrote the first New York Times Best Selling astrology book.

John Gadbury

English astrologer and prolific writer of almanacs & on other related topics born in 1627.