Kahlil Gibran

Lebanese American writer, poet, & visual artist born in 1883. Best known for writing The Prophet.

Heinrich Nordhoff

German engineer born in 1899. Led the Volkswagen company as it was rebuilt after WW II.

Alexander Hamilton

American statesman, military commander, lawyer, economist, & a Founding Father of the United States.

Kit Carson

American frontiersman & Army officer born in 1809. Symbol of colonial expansion & Native American genocide.

Eartha Kitt

American singer, actor, activist, author, & songwriter known for hits incl. “Santa Baby” & “I Want to Be Evil”.

Millard Fillmore

13th president of the United States born in 1800. Also served as a Congressman & Vice President.

Patricia Highsmith

American writer best known for novels incl. Strangers on a Train, The Talented Mr. Ripley, & The Price of Salt.

Jule Charney

American meteorologist born in 1917. Played important role in developing numerical weather prediction.

Heinrich Böll

German writer born in 1917. Recipient of the Georg Buchner Prize & the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Paul Klee

Swiss-German artist whose writings, Paul Klee Notebooks, are considered deeply influential to modern art.