Renay Oshop

Astrologer & Data Scientist

Renay Oshop is to our knowledge the foremost “Hypatia” in the world, with recent studies of astrological influences on mundane human activities published by XYZ journal and circulated around Y-Combinator. We are very excited to throw our dataset at her.

Renay was accepted to MIT, Oxford, and Harvard at age 15 and accepted a faculty position (bottom of the totem pole) at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center at age 21 to specialize in early computational molecular biology, vowing never to take another exam ever.

She subsequently attended Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute, a kind of Hogswart’s for astrology, which also included 6 months of training in India, and embarked on an international 20 years-and-counting journey to study Jyotisha, following both parents by becoming a professional astrologer. She was also lucky enough to take all of Hart de Fouw’s American astrology and palmistry courses.

As an astrologer, she still feels like a computational biologist.