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Astrology is not just a fortune cookie, it is the origin of all of humanity’s dance with pure logic.

For 600 years the Sumerians recorded the position of the planets, the constellations and the price of wheat : These data tablets became the Western Zodiac.

It is time to use the latest math & tech to study astrology once again.


You can be a part of this epic endeavor.

Join us! Be the first to know what the data says!


Past Life Value

Past Life AstroTwins are a collection of hand-curated NFTs.

12 sun signs x 12 moon signs x 12 rising signs = 1,728 NFT’s.

There is only 1 Past Life AstroTwin for each Sun, Moon, Rising combination. All humans with a known birth date, time & place match to exactly 1 Past Life AstroTwin (their Sun, Moon, Rising combination).


Past Life AstroTwins have at least three levels of rarity and re-market value, for example :

  • Individual Collector : The astrology enthusiast who desires their personal sun, moon, rising combination Past Life AstroTwin NFT. 
  • Individual Investor : The art investor who prefers a Marilyn Monroe Past Life AstroTwin NFT to a Mao TseDong Past Life AstroTwin NFT.
  • Collector Enthusiast : The investor who collects arrays of Past Life AstroTwins. We suspect someone will buy all the Royalty, and someone else all the Serial Killers. (Just a hunch.) Others might want all the Scorpio Sun Signs.


FAQs : 

Is there a Discord?

How were Past Life AstroTwins curated?

  • By hand. It took a very long time. Across AstroTwin curation, short bio writing, image curation, legal, and website development …about a year.
  • We reverse-engineered AstroTwins from a database located in France :
  • We chose PastLife AstroTwins on a few criteria : 1) Fame or Relevance. 2) Diversity of profession and person. 3) Image availability within Public Domain or Creative Commons. 
  • We QA’ed each twin from a different online source to support accuracy of birth date; We have an approximately 95% match rate for those born after 1850. Some rising signs (based on precise time and location of birth) are not 100% possible to verify.
  • Some claims, like what time Jesus was born are more artistic than precise, although there do exist serious ways – even without birth time – to reverse-engineer an astrology natal chart based on significant life events.

Is there a future roadmap for Data Science on Astrology?

  • We will do data science on astrology. 
  •  We anticipate roughly 30% of astrology assumptions will be found statistically significant, 30% of astrology assumptions will be found false (and removed), and for 30% of astrology assumptions the data will tell us something new which requires re-interpretation.
  • We plan in future years to analyze with data science not just Western Astrology, but also Vedic and Chinese astrology. Is it be possible to merge these systems? Let’s find out!
  • We plan in future years to expand astrological knowledge by analyzing contemporary datasets like genomic and health data.

What if I don’t identify with my AstroTwin?

  • AstroTwins represent 3 matching aspects of a natal chart : the sun, moon and rising aspects. However, each chart also contains the placements of 7 other planets, myriad other asteroids and dozens of potential aspects these planets make to one another.
  • In other words, an AstroTwin is a similarity, not a complete likeness.

Where are the NFT’s hosted?

  • The Ratio Past Life AstroTwin NFT creative assets are hosted on IPFS to ensure immutability.
  • The Ratio Past Life AstroTwin NFT smart contracts are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and comply with the ERC 1155 standard.

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

  • 144
  • Max mints per transaction = 40