Jacques Anquetil

French road racing cyclist born in 1934. First cyclist to win the Tour de France five times.

Maxime Jacob

Italian former racing cyclist , world champion, & Olympic silver medalist (1992).

Pierre de Coubertin

French educator, historian, & founder of the International Olympics Committee, born in 1863.

Jacques Plante

Canadian pro ice hockey goaltender, coach, & general manager born in 1929.

Savino Guglielmetti

Italian gymnast and Olympic gold medalist & all-around champion born in 1911.

Henri Cochet

French tennis player born in 1901. Ranked No. 1 in the world & member of the famous “Four Musketeers”.

Ty Cobb

American professional baseball player born in 1886. Known as “The Georgia Peach”.

Mario Zatelli

Algerian-born French football player & manager born in 1912.

Billy Sunday

American pro baseball player & most influential early 20th century American evangelist, born in 1862.


Brazilian footballer born in 1933 & widely regarded as one of the greatest dribblers of all time.