Kit Carson

American frontiersman & Army officer born in 1809. Symbol of colonial expansion & Native American genocide.

Wilhelm Canaris

German admiral born in 1887. Turned against Hitler & was executed for high treason.

Evangeline Booth

English evangelist, author, & first woman General of The Salvation Army born in 1865.

George Armstrong Custer

American Army officer & cavalry commander in the American Civil War & the American Indian Wars.

Warwick the Kingmaker

English nobleman, administrator, & military commander born in 1428. Instrumental in deposing two kings.

Jean-Baptiste Marchand

French colonial military officer in Africa born in 1863. Commander during Fashoda Incident.

Claus von Stauffenberg

German army officer born in 1907 & known for his failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Alfred Dreyfus

French artillery officer of Jewish ancestry born in 1859. Tried for treason in the infamous “Dreyfus Affair”.