Didier Daurat

French aviation pioneer, military fighter pilot, & the Air Bleu company born in 1891.

Marie-Anne de Bovet

French feminist & anti-Semitic writer, literary critic, & explorer born in 1855.

James Cook

English explorer, navigator, cartographer, & captain in the English Royal Navy born in 1728.

Alexandra David-Neel

Belgian-French explorer, spiritualist, & writer known for books incl. Magic and Mystery in Tibet.

Christopher Columbus

Italian navigator & admiral who began the European colonization of the Americas & Caribbean.

Giovanni Belzoni

Italian explorer & archaeologist born in 1778. Responsible for the theft of many Egyptian antiquities.

Charles Ulm

Australian aviator who set a speed record from England to Australia in 1933.

Percy Fawcett

English geographer, cartographer, archaeologist, & explorer born in 1867.