Lucretia Mott

U.S. Quaker, abolitionist, women’s rights activist, & social reformer born in 1793.

Louis Braille

French educator & inventor of a system of reading & writing for the blind or visually impaired, born in 1809.

Paul Revere

American silversmith, engraver & early industrialist best remembered as a Patriot in the American Revolution.

Carry Nation

American radical temperance activist known for attacking taverns with a hatchet before Prohibition.

Ludovic Trarieux

French Republican statesman, prominent Dreyfusard, & pioneer of international human rights born in 1840.

Frances Power Cobbe

Anglo-Irish writer, philosopher, religious thinker, anti-vivisection activist, & suffragist born in 1822.

Petra Kelly

German politician, ecofeminist activist, & founding member of the German Green Party born in 1947.

Dorothy Day

American journalist, social activist, anarchist, & co-founder of the Catholic Worker newspaper in 1933.

Marius Jacob

French anarchist illegalist born in 1879. One of the inspirations for the fictional character Arsene Lupin.