Compton Mackenzie

English-born Scottish writer of fiction, biography, histories, & a memoir born in 1883.

Horatio Alger

American writer born in 1832 known for novels about impoverished boys rising to the middle class.

Linda Lovelace

American actor & author, known for her coerced role in the pornographic film, Deep Throat.

Patricia Highsmith

American writer best known for novels incl. Strangers on a Train, The Talented Mr. Ripley, & The Price of Salt.

Marie d’Agoult

Franco-German romantic author & historian born in 1805. Also known by her pen name, Daniel Stern.

Simon Wiesenthal

Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, writer, & co-founder of the Jewish Historical Documentation Centre.

Andrew Johnson

17th President of the United States born in 1808. Succeeded Abraham Lincoln after his assassination.

Emanuel Lasker

German chess player, mathematician, & philosopher born in 1868. World Chess Champion for 27 years.

Isaac Asimov

American writer & professor of biochemistry best known for his sci-fi novels the Foundation series.