Martin Niemoller

German theologian & pastor best known for his widely quoted anti-Nazi poem “First they came …”.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Russian writer, philosopher, historian, & political prisoner who brought awareness to the Soviet Gulag system.

Herman Gorter

Dutch poet & socialist born in 1864. Leading member of the highly influential writers group the Tachtigers.

Anna Freud

English psychoanalyst born in 1895. Pioneer in child psychology & youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud.

John Lennon

English singer, songwriter, & peace activist known as a member of The Beatles & a solo artist.

Melina Mercouri

Greek actor, singer, & politician known for her role in the 1960 film Never on Sunday.

Sylvia Kristel

Dutch model & actor best known for her title role in five of the seven Emmanuelle films.

Sean Connery

Scottish actor & producer, born in 1930, & best known as the first James Bond.

Edward Gorey

American writer, costume designer, & artist born in 1925. Known for his unsettling illustrated books.

Burin des Roziers

French civil servant born in 1913. Secretary General of president Charles de Gaulle & Ambassador to Italy.