César Baldaccini

French sculptor, born in 1921, at the forefront of the Nouveau Réalisme movement.

Maxime Jacob

Italian former racing cyclist , world champion, & Olympic silver medalist (1992).

Max Papart

French painter & printmaker born in 1911. Known for semi-cubist style.

Mika Waltari

Finnish writer born in 1908. Best known for his best-selling novel The Egyptian.

Leo Strauss

German-American political philosopher, classicist, professor, & author born in 1899.

Primo Levi

Italian chemist, partisan, writer, and Jewish Holocaust survivor born in 1919.

Thomas Berger

American novelist born in 1924 & best known for his novel Little Big Man.

Jules Renard

French author born in 1864 & best known for his work Poil de carotte and Les Histoires Naturelles.

Margaret of Valois

French princess of the Valois dynasty born in 1553. Queen consort of France & Navarre as wife of Henry IV.

Henri Pourrat

French writer & folklore collector born in 1887. Published over 100 works in his lifetime.