Didier Daurat

French aviation pioneer, military fighter pilot, & the Air Bleu company born in 1891.

Manoel de Oliveira

Portuguese film director & screenwriter born in 1908. Work spanned from the silent age to the digital age.

Agatha Christie

English writer born in 1890 & known for her 66 detective novels & 14 short story collections.

Edna Ballard

American theosopher born in 1886. Co-founder of Saint Germain Foundation & co-leader of the I AM Movement.

Immanuel Velikovsky

Russian, Israeli, & American scholar born in 1895. Author of the 1950 bestseller, Worlds in Collision.

Pietro Annigoni

Italian artist, portrait and fresco painter born in 1910. Best known for his portraits of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ferruccio Lamborghini

Italian car designer, inventor, mechanic, engineer, industrialist, & founder of Automobili Lamborghini.