Emanuel Lasker

German chess player, mathematician, & philosopher born in 1868. World Chess Champion for 27 years.

Wilhelm Canaris

German admiral born in 1887. Turned against Hitler & was executed for high treason.

Heinrich Böll

German writer born in 1917. Recipient of the Georg Buchner Prize & the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Heinrich Brüning

German Centre Party politician & academic born in 1885. Chancellor of Germany from 1930-1932.

Mary Wigman

German dancer & choreographer born 1886. Pioneered expressionist dance & dance therapy.

Horst Wessel

German Nazi stormtrooper born in 1907. Made into a martyr for the cause by Joseph Goebbels.

Max Schmeling

German boxer born in 1905. Heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932.

Paul von Hindenburg

President of Germany who appointed Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, born in 1847.

Wilhelm Keitel

German field marshal & war criminal born in 1882. High commander of Nazi Germany’s Armed Forces.

Emil Zátopek

Czechoslovak long-distance runner best known for winning three 1952 Olympic gold medals.